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This public media "authentic fiction" sought to crowdsource perspectives about education today. The Zed Omega teens, played by actors, "dropped out loud" from high school -- catalyzing open discussion about the structures and purpose of traditional education and its alternatives. The arc of each Zed Omega character was unscripted: they responded to ideas that people presented. The collaborative thought experiment and "interactive documentary" was live on social media during fall semester 2012. (-Learn more-) (-Credits-) (-Facebook-) (-Twitter-)

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We used to go to various schools in the Twin Cities. Some of us are juniors, some seniors and Edwina isn’t actually a teen, she was returning for her GED. And Nora’s not really a dropout, she was never really in school to begin with! (homeschooled / unschooled)

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It’s not like our individual decisions to drop out are final. But it’s definitely not “just a phase” so don’t try that on us. This is something that runs deep, and which we’re quite upfront in talking about. We know very well our futures are in play here, and there’s a lot we don’t know. That’s why we’re online here and asking you to talk with us.