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This public media "authentic fiction" sought to crowdsource perspectives about education today. The Zed Omega teens, played by actors, "dropped out loud" from high school -- catalyzing open discussion about the structures and purpose of traditional education and its alternatives. The arc of each Zed Omega character was unscripted: they responded to ideas that people presented. The collaborative thought experiment and "interactive documentary" was live on social media during fall semester 2012. (-Learn more-) (-Credits-) (-Facebook-) (-Twitter-)

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On School and Socks

Well, it’s my last video. It’s been such a crazy ride! Thanks so much to everybody to helped us out. Can’t believe it’s over!

I’m gonna miss you guys…


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Guess what….?

I got my GED test results back.

Check it Out I prolly got more to say later but…For now….


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Oops! forgot to you show you this before lol

I Visited my old school and asked a kid what he likes dislikes and would change about high school. – Nicole


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"In creative fields, your real transcript is NOT your GPA – it is your portfolio of projects… The most important part of the transcript of the future will be people’s creative achievements. Employers will not care how much time you have spent in a lecture hall, they will say, "show me the stuff that you have actually built, that shows you actually are creative."

– Salman Khan of Khan Academy, Education Predictions 

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We’re in the last days of the semester for the Zed Omegas, it’s been quite a ride. I thought I’d share this video with you all, which I made for my sister. (She’s been curious as to how things would turn out for the Zed Omegas)

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