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This public media "authentic fiction" sought to crowdsource perspectives about education today. The Zed Omega teens, played by actors, "dropped out loud" from high school -- catalyzing open discussion about the structures and purpose of traditional education and its alternatives. The arc of each Zed Omega character was unscripted: they responded to ideas that people presented. The collaborative thought experiment and "interactive documentary" was live on social media during fall semester 2012. (-Learn more-) (-Credits-) (-Facebook-) (-Twitter-)

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On August 15, 2012, the Zed Omegas did NOT head back to big brick buildings to sit at generic desks and (not) listen to lectures. They’re off on a new path, into uncharted territory. They are performing triage on their educations – they have one last semester to make their school experience come out right.

It’s obvious to everyone they’ll never get there by themselves. Left on their own, we’re gonna lose them. But here’s the thing: from their point of view, school isn’t saving them either.

WRITE A LETTER. TELL YOUR STORY. They’re listening. If you feel they lack life experience, share yours. If you’ve been there, tell them about it. If you’re in school right now, let’s talk. What was school supposed to do for them? Is what you learn in school what you need for the future? What is the dropout equivalent of college prep?

Everyone has a life-changing experience with learning —- what’s yours?

Especially if you are a teen or young adult – share with them what you know.

What's Your Story?

It doesn’t have to be written — pull down the menu, you can also send a photo, a video, a link, a quote…

After the Zed Omegas read it, we’ll share it publicly. So c’mon, be kid-friendly.

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Nicole says, "Tell your story!"