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This public media "authentic fiction" sought to crowdsource perspectives about education today. The Zed Omega teens, played by actors, "dropped out loud" from high school -- catalyzing open discussion about the structures and purpose of traditional education and its alternatives. The arc of each Zed Omega character was unscripted: they responded to ideas that people presented. The collaborative thought experiment and "interactive documentary" was live on social media during fall semester 2012. (-Learn more-) (-Credits-) (-Facebook-) (-Twitter-)

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Learn Anything on Your Own class, by Dale Stephens

Hey Zed Omegas and other life-long learners—check out this three-week course, Learn Anything on Your Own, starts Tuesday, October 2nd on Skillshare. Dale Stephens founded Uncollege.org and is a Thiel fellowship recipient. He writes, “When I was twelve I dropped out of middle school to become an unschooler, the self-directed form of homeschooler. My parents weren’t teaching me and I wasn’t following a standardized curriculum. Instead, I created a curriculum for myself. I found mentors, educational resources, and built the support systems to enable myself to learn anything." - Zephyr

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